Who we are :
A team of experts in branding domain whose real time experience is in building and enhancing brands.
Why Brandcast :
We are driven by the passion as we go beyond the ordinary and innovatively propagate your brand culture in the market-space.
What we do :
Our services cross every spectrum of the brand building, encompassing everything from Name generation, Visual Identity Creation (logos, typographies etc).

Our Services

BrandCast help businesses express their true identity, share and listen to relevant ideas, and create social experiences that engage their customers. Combining strategic expertise with a hands-on approach, we craft fresh social marketing campaigns that deliver on your business objectives.

Social Identity

Find Your Voice : Your customers are looking for seamless interaction – drawn to  brands that inspire, engage, and interact. BrandCast helps businesses articulate their identity by creating and nurturing dynamic and relatable social brands. We work with clients to distill their core messages that convey what they’re really about; their true identity and mission!

Content Strategy

Content is King & Queen : People want to know who you are, what is your mission and why they should care about you. High quality content  with passion is the base of a business’s social identity. We develop content that crafts opinions, sparks ideas, and encourages social conversations between your clients and your audiences.

Social Interaction

Get People talking: The right message and great content aren’t useful if they’re not placed in front of the right people. We use our expertise in social technologies, engaging the right platforms to facilitate relationships and build vibrant communities around the brands we work with

Metrics & Analytics

Numbers are real: Measuring the impact of  search and social marketing is the bottom line. We will make sense of the numbers, tracking clicks and converting them into analytics that paint a clear picture of how the social media marketing we manage fulfill your critical business objectives.

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